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1996 Outrage 17' II vs Montauk 17'
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Posted on 09/10/12 - 5:49 PM
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I know this is a real newbie question but here goes:
Looking at a very nice 1996 17' Outrage with a Yamaha 130 at a good price (end of season). I really like it, but also see lots of 1996 17' Montauk's for sale.
My question is about the handling. Going to be using the boat in Long Island's Peconic Bay with my kids (adult) around Shelter Island. Usually not real rough (usual bay seas).
I have the specs and know the Outrage is wider.
How will a 1996 Outrage handle vs. a Montauk?
Was the 1996 Outrage a more expensive boat at the time of sale?
Thoughts about the 2 stroke Yamaha 130?
Any general thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edited by Joe Kriz on 09/10/12 - 8:33 PM
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Posted on 09/10/12 - 6:58 PM

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If you are leaning towards the Outrage, you will not regret your purchase...unless that Montauk has been repowered, you should also be impressed with the Yamaha if it is in good working order. The Outrage was a more expensive boat in 1996, and will handle rougher conditions than the Montauk. I miss my Montauk, it is a great excelled for me as a solo or two person fishing boat...but for fishing choppy bay waters, I'd go with the Outrage.

Joe Kriz
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Posted on 09/10/12 - 7:49 PM
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You don't mention which Montauk you are referring to.

A Montauk 17', or a newer Montauk 170 or any of the other size Montauks. 150, 170 190, 210 ?

There is no comparison between the Montauk 17' and the Outrage 17' II.
See this photo.

Joe Kriz -
1977 Montauk 17'
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Posted on 09/10/12 - 8:19 PM
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Joe, Sorry, I should have said I'm comparing the 1996 17' Outrage with the 17' 1996 Montauk.
I found this nice Outrage and before I pull the trigger I wanted some more info.
They sell for similar prices here (if not repowered). I know the Outrage is wider with a 1" deeper draft but interested in some comparative detail on things like quality, handling, faults, etc.
This would be my first Whaler and really interested in opinions and things to watch out for on this Outrage and the Yamaha.

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Posted on 09/10/12 - 8:26 PM

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I had a 1982 Montauk for 25 years and just got a 2005 190 Nantucket (similar to the Outrage). My early impressions... The Nantucket hull handles choppy water much better than the Montauk. It cuts through rather than riding over the swells. My wife's has severla serious neck surgeries... can ride in the new boat without any problems... not so with the Montauk.

Hope this helps...


Joe Kriz
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Posted on 09/10/12 - 8:33 PM
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There is no comparison then.

It depends on whether you want the Classic hull of the Montauk or the newer Accutrack hull of the Outrage 17' II.

I have owned both.
I moved up from the Montauk 17' to the Outrage 17' II because the Montauk had a much rougher ride.
I found out that I liked the Classic look so I sold the Outrage 17' II and bought the Classic Outrage 18'.
Here is the fleet I had to choose from.

Owning the 3 boats at the same time, we found that every time we went boating, we ended up taking out the Outrage 18'.

You can do a search here on this site for more info.
If your tow vehicle can tow the Outrage 17' II, and you like the non-Classic look, then the Outrage 17' II might be the choice.

Joe Kriz -
1977 Montauk 17'
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Posted on 09/11/12 - 4:38 AM

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And do you think the hull of a 1998 15 dauntless is better than a classic 1987 Mountauk hull in the chop?

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Posted on 09/11/12 - 5:29 PM
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Is the 1996 Outrage II self bailing? I also want to leave it on a mooring for a few weeks at a time and dont want to run the battery down.

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Posted on 09/18/12 - 9:43 AM

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I"m out by you on Shinnecock Bay and have a 1998 Montauk 17, which I like very much. Obviously I'm not alone because they are all over the place on Long Island! The boat is great for a newbie in terms of handling, and the draft is a big plus given the shallow waters of the clam beds off of Dune Road. You probably have a similiar situation in Peconic west of Robins Island. Both boats are safe and are well suited for use on the East End. But...when the wind picks up and comes off the ocean even a minor chop makes for a hard ride in the Montauk, as does going over and size wake. In eastern Peconic you have more open water, but might get more wave action.

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Posted on 09/19/12 - 6:36 PM
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Thanks NYC 511

I decided on the 2003 Montauk 170. Looks like it was used gently and the 2003 90hp ELPTO 4 stroke has under 100 hrs on it (according to the PO).
Still not sure if it is self bailing if I leave it on a mooring and it rains??
Anyone know?
Thanks - Steve

2003 170 MT - 2003 Merc 90 ELPT
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